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Chief Information Security Officer

 Chief Information Security Officer


Responsible for the organisation's entire security posture, to oversee and coordinate security function of the organisation, including the overall security strategy and security architecture development



Identifies security goals, objectives and metrics consistent with corporate strategic plan

Develops and maintains information security strategies

Sets and manages the development and implementation of security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures

Ensures security issues are met with timely and appropriate responses to minimize their impact(s) on business processes

Advises top management on information security and assurance issues

Establishes an information security and risk management functional capability and framework across the organization

Manages the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of Information Security Management System (such as ISO/IEC 27001,  ISO/IEC 22301 series standards)

Collaborates with other business representatives to facilitate a standardized approach and governance structure to information security and risk

Ensures ongoing analysis of information security threats, trends and  vulnerabilities

Oversees the execution of approved information security projects

Ensures that strategic information security and risk guidance provided to third-party suppliers is in accordance with internal frameworks

Monitors, manages and deploys security controls as appropriate to support business needs while minimizing risk

Ensures proper management and analysis of security information and events

Works with other executives to prioritize security initiatives


Postgraduate degree in Information Security/Computer Security/Information Technology

Information Security Certifications e.g. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

At least  10 years of experience in Information Security and at least  2 years of experience at a managerial position

Interpersonal Relationship

-Listens actively, respects others and takes into account different points of view and integrates them

-Proactively resolves interpersonal or personal matters that could affect performance

-Demonstrates an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of team members and balances own needs and those of the team or organisation

-Develops and maintains effective relationships

-Takes responsibility for ensuring effective collaboration and takes necessary measures to enforce them


-Is aware of goals, processes and performance standards of the team

-Demonstrates a behavior based on action, sets priorities and uses time effectively

-Works independently and proposes solutions according to the requirements

-Manages work activities according to the changing priorities of the organisation

-Welcomes new or different solutions and approaches and maintains a positive and constructive attitude towards change, setbacks or stressful situations

-Adopts changes, identifies warnings (i.e. trends, potential problems) and notifies those involved

Commitment and Collaboration

-Shares information in general while respecting the applicable procedures

-Adjusts own approach and communication according to the audience and the circumstances

-Promotes excellence and recognizes the contribution and the success of others

-Consults colleagues, partners, customers, users and other stakeholders and acts accordingly in response to their concerns

-Adopts changes, identifies warning signals (i.e. trends, potential problems) and notifies those involved

-Organises work, from the level of task planning to implementation, ensuring overall efficiency

Analysis and Innovation

-Plans and adjusts work based on a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the position and seeks clarification and guidance, whenever required

-Establishes a global perspective from information gathered from various sources

-Exercises a sound judgment and ensures to have all relevant facts before making a decision

-Has the ability to step back and review the approach

-Is able to translate general direction and guidance into concrete work activities

-Brings improvements based on solutions, approaches, products or innovative services

-Communicates effectively and makes thoughtful recommendations to the management

Values and Ethics

-Demonstrates a sense of values and ethics personally and professionally

-Discusses internal concerns with superiors or colleagues and, if necessary, uses appropriate mechanisms to seek advice or to disclose a misconduct

-Actively contributes to the well-being at the workplace and in the building of a safe, healthy and respectful work environment


-Gives clear direction and instruction. Builds others’ confidence, making them feel better equipped to do their jobs

-Supports team development. Gives others opportunities to practice new skills and capabilities, and provides or arranges coaching. Works to provide a supportive environment by securing necessary resources and removing blocks to effective working

-Is a role model for effective leadership. Sets a strong example through own behaviour. Gives timely and specific feedback on what has been done well and where there is room for improvement. Helps individuals think through issues for themselves

-Communicates and gains team commitment to achieve a shared vision. Inspires and empowers others to overcome difficulties and achieve goals. Nurtures strong team identity and pride

Other Competencies

-Good level of both written and spoken English and French

-Working knowledge of IT laws and networks with relevant security agencies

-Assertive, rigorous and disciplined

-Strategic thinking, decision making

-Customer focus

-Quality and improvement focus

-Leadership and resilience

-Ownership and achievement focus


The Making Of

Given the vibrant and dynamic nature of the ICT/BPO sector in Mauritius, employers report an ongoing mismatch of skills between what is required and what is readily available. One of the reasons underpinning this state of affairs, is the information asymmetry that exists at any particular point of time between the demand and supply of labour.


In this light, in 2013, the HRDC in collaboration with professionals in the ICT/BPO sector developed the nomenclature of job profiles. It comprised 33 job profiles under 6 sub-sectors namely BPO, Call Centre, Networking, Software Development & Web, Software Testing and Systems Design.

A number of rigorous working and validation sessions were held with representatives of the industry to constitute and finalise the job profiles.


The ever-changing character of ICT/BPO occupations coupled to the need to systematically provide novel information on career pathways have highlighted the need for continual and user friendliness of information provision.


The Career Development Stairway (CaDS) website was developed with this in mind. To this end, a working group was set up to review the job profiles and the competency matrix in line with developments of the sector and requirements of the CaDS website.


Team leads (members of the working group) were assigned sub-sectors and they sought the collaboration of other ICT/BPO operators for crafting the job profiles. This exercise gave rise to 63 jobs and 3 additional sub-sectors emerged.


Career progression was also worked out for the jobs. The revised nomenclature of job profiles was thereafter subjected to a validation workshop where the players of the industry helped to refine them. This formed the bedrock for the development of the CaDS website.


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